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Pam Lipschitz,
President ~ Business Affairs
313 Beacon Ridge Blvd
Chapel Hill, NC  27516
984-234-0422 / f 954-756-7209

Supplemental Talent Payment & Business Affairs Services

  • Celebrity Talent Negotiations – Handle overscale and celebrity talent negotiations. 
  • Research Resources – Business affairs resource to research special or unique circumstances in talent, music or labor, or industry issues and trends.
  • Industry Updates – Notification of industry updates that affect the business or talent payroll costs.
  • Seminars & Training – On-site seminars and training for your staff on union and industry issues and procedures that affect your business. 
  • Customized Reference Guides – Create and provide customized reference guides to industry practices as a resource for your staff.

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Payroll & Business Affairs Services for Talent, Crew and Theatre.
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