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Checks in Motion offers a full suite of Business Affairs services for the advertising industry. With over 30 years of talent and crew payroll experience, founder and president Pam Lipschitz understands the advertising big picture and also knows the nuances and details of the union contracts and federal and state employment regulations that affect talent costs and your bottom line.


Pam Lipschitz,
President ~ Business Affairs
430 Boone Street
Chapel Hill, NC  27516
919-869-7125 / cell 954-612-4032

About Us

Pam’s expertise in business affairs and commercial payroll for production and use can save you time and money, which means more money for you and your advertisers.

Having worked in Florida throughout most of her career, Pam has a wealth of contacts and local knowledge for the regional market that facilitate getting things done quickly and efficiently. She knows the ins and outs of the business – who to call, what paperwork is required, and how to complete and file the forms (because no job is truly complete until all the paperwork is done) – and how to handle the unique, unusual and out of the ordinary situations that can arise in production and use.

Pam’s unwavering focus on client service led to rapid business growth. She realized that to become an even more valuable asset to her clients, she needed to expand her company’s infrastructure with a well-tuned “engine” to drive daily operations forward. In 2004, to fill that need, Pam began working with The TEAM Companies ( to provide back-office infrastructure and payroll support.

The TEAM Companies are a leading payroll provider for performers and print models working in advertising throughout North America, with five offices in the U.S. and Canada and additional staff throughout the U.S., Ireland and Poland.

This successful collaboration brings added depth and resources to better serve the business affairs and payroll needs of Checks in Motion clients.

Checks in Motion’s commitment is excellence in personalized service, for every client and every advertising campaign, from initial script review and budgeting through production, final edit and cast list, re-use and even re-purposing.

Together, Checks in Motion and The TEAM Companies have your commercial talent assets covered.


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Payroll & Business Affairs Services for Talent, Crew and Theatre.
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