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Big company depth with small company, individualized “hands-on” service.


Pam Lipschitz,
President ~ Business Affairs
430 Boone Street
Chapel Hill, NC  27516
919-869-7125 / cell 954-612-4032


  • Solution-oriented, collaborative approach to talent, music, and crew payroll and business affairs.
  • Local presence with extensive regional and nationwide knowledge, experience and contacts to get things done quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Accurate, timely, and responsive personalized service tailored to your operations and requirements.
  • Business Affairs resource for contracts, interpretations, and recommendations.
  • User-friendly data management resource for online look-ups, estimating, and re-use reporting.
  • Budget analysis support.
  • Signatory resource.
  • Talent and music cost management support from planning through production, use, lifts, re-use and re-purposing.
  • Guarantee, Cycle Expiration, and Holding Fee tracking and reporting.
  • Consolidated, easy to access source for talent payment information and spot history.
  • When you entrust your advertising talent payroll to us, we’re on your team.

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Payroll & Business Affairs Services for Talent, Crew and Theatre.
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