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Employer of Record, Payroll, Tax, Union Benefits


Pam Lipschitz,
President ~ Business Affairs
430 Boone Street
Chapel Hill, NC  27516
919-869-7125 / cell 954-612-4032

Payroll Services

  • Employer of Record – Act as Employer of Record for talent in advertising for the purposes of payroll, payroll tax, and union benefits remittances and unemployment claims.
  • Session & Residuals Payments – Calculate payroll and issue payroll invoice for session and residuals.  Issue talent payments according to payment terms. 
  • Tax Payments – Calculate and make applicable Federal and State employer and employee payroll tax contributions. 
  • Guild and Union Pension, Health & Welfare Contributions – Compute, report and pay to appropriate unions all Pension/Retirement, Health and Welfare contributions relating to your projects. 
  • Agent Fees – Calculate and remit payments to talent agents, if applicable. 
  • Corporation Verification – Verify that performers’ incorporated “loan-out” companies are in good standing with appropriate Federal and State agencies. 
  • USCIS Forms (formerly INS) – Review and maintain necessary USCIS/INS (I-9) forms for talent who appear and perform in your advertising.  
  • W-2 forms – Issue year-end W-2 tax forms for talent, performers and crew that have been payrolled through Checks in Motion and The TEAM Companies. 
  • Unemployment – Respond to state agencies on behalf of unemployment claims filed by performers, musicians, or production personnel that have been payrolled through Checks in Motion and The TEAM Companies. 
  • Workers’ Compensation – Provide Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage for performers and personnel payrolled through Checks in Motion and The TEAM Companies and handle any resulting claims that may be filed. 
  • Minors & Trust Accounts – Provide documentation for applications to employ minors and handle any applicable minor trust account deductions and deposits.
  • Wage Garnishments – Collect and remit tax levies, child support, and court-ordered collections, if applicable.
  • Reports – Payroll History, Commercial History, Project History, Guarantee History, and more.
  • Audits – Provide documentation and support for payroll, Workers’ Comp or union audits.


Checks in Motion clients may have direct access to their data through The TEAM Companies client payroll system.  TOCS, the The TEAM Companies Online Client system offers easy access and quick reference for estimating and look-ups.

  • Client System Access – Secure, password-protected access via the web.
  • User Interface – Intuitive, easy to use interface with embedded help screens. 
  • Estimating – User friendly system for client-specific estimating via The TEAM Companies system. 
  • Historical Data – System provides access to client’s historical data.  Search or look-up by advertiser, product, commercial, talent, project, or invoice. 
  • Agent & Employee Contact Information – Look-up Talent Agent or Employee addresses or phone numbers in the system. 
  • Talent Advices – Direct access for payment authorizations and verifications. 
  • Final Cast List/Completion Reporting – Direct access for final cast list reporting.

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Payroll & Business Affairs Services for Talent, Crew and Theatre.
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