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Collaborative approach

Together, Checks in Motion and The TEAM Companies work with you and your staff proactively to provide the resources and support you need to stay on top of talent and music payroll obligations as well as union contract, payroll tax and other updates that affect the industry.


Pam Lipschitz,
President ~ Business Affairs
430 Boone Street
Chapel Hill, NC  27516
919-869-7125 / cell 954-612-4032

Support Staff & Operations

  • Dedicated Staff – Dedicated, knowledgeable staff to work with you and integrate with your operations provides continuity and helps simplify your operations.
    • One-on-one service in working with you and your staff
    • Knowledge of your business, clients, campaigns and spots
    • Service and responsiveness tailored to your operational requirements and needs 
  • Accuracy – Review payroll documentation for accuracy and completeness and alert you regarding any discrepancies or missing information.
  • Quality Control – Automation and technology minimize calculation errors.  Checks in Motion in collaboration with The TEAM Companies high level, dedicated Quality Control staff double check the figures and also ensure accuracy in the specific requirements of each invoice, such as the correct union contract designation, the correct use category, etc. 
  • Quick Turn-Around – Invoices issued within 2 business days, check runs within 1 business day of approval of invoice, or same day in special circumstances. 
  • Follow-Up – Personalized follow-up on due dates for cycle expiration and holding fees as well as other business affairs or payroll issues or questions.

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Payroll & Business Affairs Services for Talent, Crew and Theatre.
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