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Pam Lipschitz,
President ~ Business Affairs
430 Boone Street
Chapel Hill, NC  27516
919-869-7125 / cell 954-612-4032

Talent Contract Business Affairs Services

  • Contract Interpretation – Interpret contracts and provide contract recommendations for SAG, AFTRA, ACTRA, UDA and AFM. 
  • Research Support – Research special or unique employment situations or payroll circumstances. 
  • Script Review – Review scripts to determine how many spots or versions will be produced – for example – will a change in the script be considered a “tag” or a “new spot”? 
  • Residuals Calculations – Assist with calculating residuals payments for reuse budgeting.
  • Residuals Projections – Provide quarterly and annual residuals projections based on your cast lists and media schedules. 
  • Re-use Payment Tracking – Track re-use payments and advise agency when payments are due.
  • Guarantee Tracking Track guarantee payments, apply use and holding fees against guarantees, and provide Guarantee Tracking reports.
  • Holding Fees, Residuals Cycles & Maximum Period of Use Tracking - Monitor, track and notify agency of holding fee due dates, or pending fixed cycle or MPU expirations.
  • Renegotiations & Reinstatements – Assist with reinstatements and renegotiate talent contracts with agents. 
  • Claims – Respond and assist in handling claims from the union, agents and/or talent.

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Payroll & Business Affairs Services for Talent, Crew and Theatre.
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